TechnoImaging®’s advanced software package EMVision® is based on proprietary technical solutions and can be used for modeling, imaging, and inversion of different geophysical EM survey data, including airborne, marine, land, and borehole data:

  • 3D forward modeling based on the integral equation (IE) method with multiple inhomogeneous domains ensures high stability and accuracy of the results
  • The moving sensitivity domain approach provides unique capability of 3D inversion of the large-scale geophysical surveys to models with the fine-grid discretization
  • The joint 3D inversion with Gramian constraint delivers an integrated geophysical model based on multimodal geophysical data
  • 3D inversion with focusing regularization provides images of the geological targets with sharp and focused boundaries
  • Parallelized and optimized for the in-house powerful TechnoImaging®'s PC cluster
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